Renaissance Elevated Sleep Technology

We make the world a better place to sleep.

About Us

Renaissance Elevated Sleep Technology serves the sleep industry with solutions in sourcing, customized product design,  manufacturing and distribution.

We are headquartered in the U.S. with multiple, strategically located distribution sites, and we have product development, engineering and manufacturing throughout Europe and Asia.

In addition to quality products available for immediate distribution from our U.S. warehouses, we can develop customized programs for your retail needs and handle all of your shipping requests.

At REST, we believe:

  • Sleep is an integral part of everything we do in our lives.
  • Our dedication and exemplary service  provides the best technology in the marketplace to help people get the quality sleep they need and deserve.

Sleep is a precious currency for a life filled with riches.

All our products are designed and crafted with the sleeper in mind – combining the ultimate in functional comfort, convenience and safety to provide the rejuvenating and healing powers of sleep, every night for everybody.

Our Commitment
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